All About The Printer Memory And Process To Clear It

What Is Printer Memory?

Printers have their own dedicated memory space, and you can install more printer memory to stay away from issues and print bigger documents. This memory is a significant factor in maintaining a strategic distance from mistakes and printing files appropriately.


Printer memory will be memory (RAM) worked in to the printer. Printer memory is discrete from PC memory. All printers accompany a specific measure of printer memory introduced, yet most are upgradeable to deal with more or bigger printing tasks.


Printer memory is utilized to store and process print tasks as they are command to the printer from a PC. In the wake of printing, the activity is erased from the memory to prepare for more printing tasks.


Printer memory is legitimately connected to two print attributes: speed and print quality. More memory enables you to print quicker and print bigger, excellent illustrations.

Adding Memory

Printers utilize single inline memory modules (SIMMs) for memory. Standard SIMM sizes incorporate 2 MB, 4 MB and 16 MB. A few printers accept third-party SIMMs, while others accept exclusive SIMMs as it were.

Refer to your printer’s documentation to decide the kind of memory you need.

Hard Drives

A few printers additionally utilize hard drives to store print tasks. While printing from a hard drive is more slow than printing from RAM, you may store numerous tasks on the hard drive without over-burdening the printer’s memory.

How to Clear Printer Memory

A printer may quit printing all of a sudden for an assortment of equipment reasons, for example, a paper jam, yet in the event that the equipment itself shows up in great condition but then won’t work, you presumably have a print work stuck in memory. Most stuck tasks happen in your PC’s memory and can be fixed with a direction in Windows or a reboot of the PC. On the off chance that erasing the printer memory on your PC alone doesn’t resist, resetting the printer will expel any waiting information.

How Printer Memory Works

So as to keep print tasks separate in any event, when you send numerous files to a printer, your PC contains a print line. This line, which works over all client accounts on the PC, keeps a list of given print tasks with all the fundamental information put away in transitory memory known as a print spool. As a printer completes one job, the PC sends the following employment from the spool. Most home inkjet printers print straightforwardly from the spooled information, so clearing a stuck archive regularly requires clearing the line on the PC, as opposed to memory in the printer itself. Some top of the line printers, for example, organized laser printers, additionally have transitory memory incorporated with the machine.

Canceling Print Jobs

To erase the print line on Windows 7 or Windows 8, open the Devices and Printers control board and right-click the printer that necessities clearing. Snap “See What’s Printing.” Open the “Printer” menu, pick “Drop All Documents” and pick “Yes.” The rundown should clear inside a couple of moments. In the event that at least one printing tasks stay on the list, reboot your PC to get out the memory. Each PC has its own list for an arranged printer, so you may need to play out this activity on numerous PCs if dropping the occupations on one PC doesn’t take care of the issue.

Resetting the Printer

In the event that your printer still won’t work in the wake of erasing the tasks on your PC, you may likewise have to reset the printer to clear its dynamic memory. Turn off the printer and unplug it from the electrical outlet. Leave the printer unplugged for a moment before reconnecting the ability to ensure the memory totally loses control. In the wake of connecting the printer and turning it on, hold up until the printer completes its startup grouping before sending another printing work.

Clearing Printer Settings From Memory

A few printers spare arrangement data to long haul memory that endures regardless of whether you unplug the machine. This incorporates data, for example, organize settings and paper settings. Removing his memory, likewise called a virus reset, returns your printer’s settings to the maker defaults. This can take care of difficult printer issues, however isn’t important for managing stuck print occupations. The procedure to clear lasting memory changes by brand and model. For instance, on numerous HP LaserJet printers, you have to hold the “Go” button while rebooting the machine.

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